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The Perfect Golf Swing by Leslie King

Want to Learn Golf Quickly and On Your Own? Want to Save Thousands of Dollars in Expenses on Lessons? Are You Interested in Learning at Your Own Speed? And When and Where You Want? Could You Profit From a Step-by-Step Method for Learning the Golf Swing? Would You Like 3 Additional Free Golf Ebooks Ebooks to Learn and Enjoy?

"We help golfers with huge handicaps to immediately start hitting long, straight, gorgeous tee shots, and score so low they win all the money from their buddies."

And you can do that EVEN if you've been slicing, hooking, skulling, hacking and putting like a baboon your entire life.

This method helps you to learn by yourself and at your own speed to play high quality golf in less than 6 weeks.

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Dear Golf Friend!

How often have you thought, "if I only had the clear easy to follow instructions, if only I could study in the peace and quite of my own home, I could learn to hit the golf ball really well". Have you ever really felt bad about the amount of time and money you invest in golf compared to your family? Have you ever totalled up the amount of money you would have to spend on golf lessons to get anywhere near the level of playing ability that you really desire in your heart?

Since you are here right now, and reading this information, it shows that you are committed to improving your golf swing and your golfing ability. And that you are interested in saving on golf lessons at the same time.

Do you want to play really good strokes you could save each round if you just kept the ball STRAIGHT? Now you can have the straight answer for practically every question you could have about golf.....

Let me present: "Leslie King Golf" (see ), a Step-by-Step method for learning a classic golf swing ON YOUR OWN. Have you ever noticed that a lot of golf books only talk about muscle power, power turns, hard hitting, etc.? Some aren't any more than Bodybuilding books in disguise! "The Master Key to Good Golf" by Leslie King, which is the "Step-by-Step Method" described in this book, is a System that is NOT based on muscle power, but rather is a classical SWING model.

Easy to Learn by Yourself and Repeatability are characteristics of the Leslie King Method

The Leslie King Method is different from muscle-bound weight-lifter, super athlete methods. It is marked by it's simplicity and easy-to-learn techniques and repeatability And YOU profit already from the first chapter without professional help. The whole book is based on the Leslie King Model, which he taught for more than 30 years at his school, the "Knightsbridge Golf School", in the West-End of London. See

He had numerous successes that turned total beginners into single digit Handicappers!

Hugh Grant, the actor, used this method to arrive at a handicap 7 for his golf -

(see and

The keywords in the King-Method are Stability, Simplicity and Repeatability. All three together mean Consistency. The concept of the swing model is the same for all golfers. This means your swing is either error-free or there is a mistake.

With the Leslie King Method we want to eliminate unproductive habits and replace them with useful, productive and successful techniques to IMPROVE YOUR GOLF GAME! Then you will also see for yourself the improvements in your handicap! When you use the Leslie King Method, the ball can only fly in one direction, there where you wanted to have it! The manual describes exactly what you must know and when you have mastered this phase, you can advance to the next.

The concept of the swing model is the same for all golfers. There simply isn't one swing for pros and another swing for long handicappers. It is either sound or unsound. The teaching method of the 'model' is to create the same end product in all pupils.

This end product is the perfect golf swing!

You will be taken, step by step, through all the stages of the 'model' - there will be no temporary cures for hooks or slices. These are symptoms of an unsound swing but we want you to replace the bad action with a sound one. We will describe exactly what you need to know and as you achieve one phase, you can then move to the next. Dozens of pictures show you in the smallest detail, that are to be learned with this technique. There are no 'temporary fixes' or adjustments for a slice or hook. These ball flights are the symptoms of an improper swing.

Gradually, the entire swing will take place ... a defined movement which is held by repetition. Soon you will have an action that sends the ball out there, dead straight, because it can't go anywhere else. That's what breeds confidence in one's swing.... and performance arises out of confidence. And you can do all of this on your own!

Eventually, you will take the swing action for granted... it will be grooved and automatic. Then you will begin to play enjoyable golf, pitting your wits against the course. And that is what golf is all about.

So here's how to better golf.

Gradually, you will completely master the swing procedures... a particular sequence, which through constant repetition will become part of your golfing DNA.

Very quickly you have the feeling for the correct action that allows you to hit the ball straight at the point where you were aiming at and where you wanted it, because the ball has no chance to fly anywhere else! And like this you will gain the confidence and trust in your swing and technique .... and good performance comes from trust. FINALLY you will have the golf swing that is easy, flowing and repeatable.

It will be a kind of automatic reflex - similar to the military drill which serves the same kind of purpose: To be able to master a certain technique "in your sleep". From that moment on, you will be playing enjoyable golf and start caring about the golf course instead of always having to think about how to swing your club or about how to hit the ball correctly.

That's what golfing is about. The Leslie King method has turned duffers into champions. We are offering you this technique in the hope that it will help you to catapult your golf play into new dimensions. If you follow the methods to the tee, we can guarantee you that this system will do for you what it has done for countless players over the years. You will just be playing better golf - that's what you want and why you are reading these lines, right? The best and most up to date golf club won't be of any use to you when your golf swing is bad and your balls continuously hit the water or the sand...!

Sir Michael Bonnalack, Secretary of the R & A St. Andrews and British Amateur Champion of 1961, 65, 69 und 70 was taught by Leslie King. Actually, Sir Michael Bonnalack wrote the foreword for the only golf book that has ever been written by Leslie King. He started his introduction with "The only thing I regret is that I haven't been taught by him much earlier. Already at my first visit, I recognized that he was a teacher who knew just one kind of teaching - no tricks - no modern moods or gimmicks. Just a straight, uncomplicated way of creating repeatable actions, which were leading the golf swing to the ball in the right way and alongside the line of flight."

Here are some comments from professional golfers:

Re: 10 finger grip

...Here's some information for you on grips. I'm sure, you will find it interesting. Leslie King, a British golf coach who started in the early 60's and taught for 30 years, is credited as being the father of the modern golf swing. His studio in London was called "The Swing Factory" and he coached everybody who was anybody in his time...

He believed the grip has nothing to do with the swing or impact. Yep! This is why: Address a golf ball with whatever grip you want and however your hands are now, they are capable of getting back there at impact. Try it ... with a bit of swing adjustments, it can be done!!!

There you are, theory proven!

I agree with Leslie King: The grip has to be comfortable to build a swing around it. There is no point to having a perfect grip but it feels uncomfortable which throws the swing off kilter. If your comfortable grip is 10 finger (natural) grip, then go for it! You may have to make the hands a little quieter and a few swing adjustments but if you can start off square, you can end square.

Good luck with it! If you need help, you know where we are.

Golf is easy ... once you know how.

Graham Arnott, teaching professional

From a golfer's forum:


I am trying to learn a simple swing and have been trying Leslie King's method, I know that Leslie taught a long time ago and what I want to know is have his methods of teaching become outdated - for example his idea that the swing is all left hand and arm. Not everyone agrees with this, and more modern teachers are totally opposed to this school of thought - what is your opinion? thanks BC


Hi Bill,

Leslie King's philosophy was that the average golfer could improve measurably if they focused on learning the correct techniques for swinging a golf club, as opposed to learning how to hit the ball.

-- Gerry,

Toronto, Canada

the perfect golf swing

(this is just one of the numerous graphics included in this ebook...)

Golfing should be fun!

Golf should be enjoyable. There is no reason why a player should have to struggle from year to year without making any improvements - with the Leslie King Method, this pressure is taken off you. By performing these techniques, you will automatically become a better player. But before golfing can be enjoyable and carefree, there is a need to go through an initial period of training, a learning curve in which you acquire a sound swing shape. Without the correct swing, you won't be able to play enjoyable golf!

It's just like learning to ride a bicycle, driving a car, or learning how to play a musical instrument. Your golf training, like these other activities, must be based upon a specific plan to be fruitful. Instructors who teach ballet, karate, horse riding, judo, or whatever, have a clear knowledge of what they are trying to create in their pupils and an equally clear knowledge of the techniques that will take the pupil to the desired goal.

It should be the same in golf... Unfortunately, it isn't.

Most golfers have absolutely no idea of what they are trying to achieve and when they practice, they merely build-in their faults...

Golf instruction has tended to be a matter of 'curing' this or that fault, rather than giving a player a defined program for improvement.

The player needs a ready-made action plan so he can learn the correct techniques right from the start instead of trying to correct mistakes later on. We want to give you such an action plan in hand with our ebook "The perfect golf swing".

What you can expect from the golf instructions included in this ebook:

Which Advantages you will have by following the lessons included in this ebook:

The Disadvantage if you buy this ebook:

Therefore, the key to your success still is called: Practice, Practice, Practice!

Is there a right moment to improve your golf score? How long do you want to wait until you'll learn the correct techniques? Here and now and without any risk involved, you can start acting on a system which can improve your golf score by up to 9 strokes.



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You don't have to wait for the mail to arrive because you can download "The perfect golf swing" (and the bonuses, of course) immediately after your payment has been processed. So you also save on delivery costs.

You'll get a no questions asked 60 days 100% your money back guarantee. Test the techniques until you have reached the goals you have been looking for. Should you notice that it didn't work (something that is not possible if you follow this method), you'll get 2 times your investment back!

Why are you wasting your life playing bad golf? Improve your golf handicap here and now. This ebook delivers all the basics you'll ever need in a step-by step method!

Think about how much a personal golf Pro would cost you: To reach the same kind of results, you would have to have at least 15-20 hours of golfing instructions which could easily cost you between $750 and $1400. This ebook costs only a tiny fraction of that. For less than just one hour with a personal golf Pro, you can improve your golf swing and thanks to the dozens of included graphics, you can make sure that you follow the instructions correctly. And the bonus pdf files will be very enjoyable for you, too. That's for sure!

Because this system is so revolutionary and hardly known, I am testing the selling price. I have set the price to just $37 for now - so low, it's almost a gift... I will be honest with you: I need some testimonials so the ebook will sell well.


by at the latest, I will increase the price to $67 or when I have collected enough testimonials - whatever comes first!

So don't hesitate: Remember, the price will go up to $67 if you don't act.

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The Perfect Golf SwingThe perfect Golf SwingThe Perfect Golf SwingThe Perfect Golf Swing

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In order to be able to read the ebook and the bonus files, you'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If this is not installed on your PC already, you can download it from here (click button - page opens in a new window):

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I hope, I have been able to convince you to invest in this unique and almost forgotten system. You won't regret it and your golf partners will envy you for it.

Wishing you much success,

Carolyn Matherly

Publisher of "The Perfect Golf Swing"

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