A Free Second Chance

A real story:

"I was addressing my ball on the back nine this weekend and a group on the hole next to us started their cart and were yelling to each other just as I started my backswing. I stopped and watched as they continued to behave like they were at a circus with no regard for anyone else and I felt myself becoming angry. As I stepped up to address my ball again, I noticed that I was still thinking about that other foursome instead of the task at hand.

"I put my club back in the bag, took a drink of water, took a few moments to try and calm down, but I couldn't. Then, for some reason, I visualized the bad shot I would have hit, felt the anger, and even went through the self-deprecating event of berating myself for not stopping.

"Then, something just 'hit me'. I put myself in the mindset of a 'do-over'. I realized that I had just imagined a bad shot, felt the anger, went through all of the emotions... and realized that it was just imaginary. I had a free do-over. I felt this immediate sense of calm and had released all the negative emotions!

"Almost miraculously, I was able to concentrate and get back in my rhythm. I went through my whole routine and stuck the 8 iron to within 2 feet for birdie. What a great technique... I had never done this before, but it sure worked this time. It's certainly a technique I will use in the future. Maybe it's something you can use...you probably already know it, but I thought I'd let you know anyway".

This do-over technique is brilliant. It allows a player to immediately transform his negative emotional/chemical state into a positive one by releasing the negative emotions / experience and changing his focus. It's amazing how fast you can change your chemistry and increase your ability to perform by merely changing your focus from a negative situation to a positive one, like a free do-over.

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