A New Beginning

New Year's Day is special because it marks the beginning of a New Year. Many individuals make New Year's resolutions to improve their lives. Unfortunately, many of these resolutions go by the wayside in only a couple of weeks or days. Are you keeping your New Year's resolutions or didn't you even bother to make any since you haven't kept the ones you made in the past?

If you haven't, here is powerful way to improve your life as well as your golf. Develop the mindset that every day is a new beginning for the rest of your life. Also, realize that each day that you are alive is a gift that you can either use or abuse. Every night before you go to sleep ask yourself if you used your gift wisely or did you just throw it away.

What happens to most of us is that we expect to wake up tomorrow and get another gift. As a result, we don't truly appreciate the limited time that we have here. Our lives are a gift and every day is precious since our days are numbered.

However, many of us waste the days given to us and don't come close to reaching our real potential. Instead of making the effort to improve, we make excuses and put off today what we can do tomorrow. Worse yet, we put off this year what we can do next year. Hence, the vicious cycle of broken New Year's resolutions and wasted opportunities to improve never ends.

Of course, there are a lot of things we are doing right. But, there are some things that each one of us could do better. So if you truly desire to improve, start living your life one day at a time. Every day do the best you can for that day. If you slip or have a bad day, wipe the slate clean before you go to sleep and make a firm resolution to make better use of the gift you get tomorrow.

This mindset can be applied to your golf as well. Start playing golf one shot at a time. Allow every golf shot to stand on its own. If you make a good shot, congratulate yourself. If not, start fresh and don't carry any emotional baggage with you to the next shot.

Every day, like every golf shot, offers you the chance for a new beginning as long as you get up on the right side of the grass.

P.S.: Do you feel nervous on the first tee? Do you feel under pressure sometimes when putting to win? Are shots over water a problem for you? Then this problem can be a mental one. Here is a program that I can recommend to help you overcome it: The mental side of golf

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