Does Cause and Effect Exist In Golf?

Jim Furyk can chalk up his incredible comeback at the Doral-Ryder Open to Tiger Woods. Jim was 6 shots behind on with seven holes to play and rallied with five birdies to win.

Jim recalled when he was paired with Woods the prior month in the final round at Pebble Beach. Woods was seven strokes down with seven holes to play. Furyk witnessed the thrilling turnaround of Woods to win.

Standing on the 12th tee "I told myself (Woods) won that event because he believed that he could," Jim said. "If I didn't believe I could still win, then it definitely wouldn't have happened today."

The law of cause and effect is based on the phenomenon that your thoughts are a cause and manifest themselves as physical forms or effects over time.

Is cause and effect a reality, or just a theory open to speculation? Many individuals including your competitors believe in cause and effect to some degree. You will find yourself at a disadvantage if this law is true and you are not aware of it or dismiss it as only poppycock. This mental tip presents two plausible explanations as to why the law of cause and effect may be a reality.

The first explanation is based on modern scientific discoveries. The physical world we live in is made up of objects in many configurations whose building blocks are comprised of atoms. These atoms in turn are made of infinitesimally small positive, neutral and negative energized subatomic particles whirling around at great speeds and great distances from each other in relation to their size. If you think about it, you will realize that there is much more empty space than solid matter in the physical objects that surround us, including the body you occupy.

To a quantum physicist, solid matter does not exist as we know or perceive it. Atoms consist mainly of empty space! Since atoms continually exchange their subatomic particles with each other, there is a physical connection between all objects. We are all part of one inseparable web of interconnections and relationships of matter and energy.

At our present level of knowledge, physicists have identified only four forces that exist in the universe. They are the (1) strong and (2) weak forces of the atom, (3) gravity and (4) electromagnetic fields. These forces cause atoms to take their various shapes and forms.

Our electrochemical nervous system is an alternating electric current that generates electromagnetic fields that are infinite in nature.

Therefore, the quality and intensity of our daily thoughts (facts and emotions) generate varying electromagnetic fields. Consequently, our thoughts produce one of the forces that influence the atomic structure of the physical forms or objects that make up our so-called "real world". So maybe thoughts do become things.

According to the law of cause and effect, we receive exactly what we think about both positive and negative. So be careful what you think about because you may get it.

Another way to explain the law of cause and effect is to examine the nature of what we are. Most individuals agree with the concept that they have a spirit, mind and body even though they do not fully understand or comprehend it.

Your spirit is where your pure desires and thoughts originate. Some individuals have very strong spirits, while others have less spirit and desire. Before entering into competition with another, it is important to raise your spirit or desire to its highest positive level or you will be at a disadvantage.

Since your body has form, it is comprised of matter, which is limited by the dimensions of time and space. The scientific definition of time is the period it takes a body or object to move from one point in space to another.

Now ask yourself this question. Does your spirit have physical form? Think about this for a couple of minutes. Does your spirit have physical form? To the best of my knowledge and to the many individuals that I have asked that same question, your spirit does not have physical form. As a result, your spirit is not limited by the dimensions of time and space. Therefore, your spirit exists in the past, present and future and has no boundaries of space or knowledge.

What a paradox! Your body has time and space limitations while your spirit or thoughts do not. Stop and let this sink in. This time paradox can lead to conflict and confusion if you are not aware of its existence.

According to the law of cause and effect and the Four Mental Steps, your thoughts create a cause. Your thoughts not only cause your brain to secrete biochemicals that influence all your natural abilities and functions. They influence the electromagnetic field that your electrochemical nervous system generates and initiate the law of cause and effect to manifest your thoughts into bodily form or effect over time.

The reason our thoughts or goals seem not to manifest themselves is because of the time paradox. Objects have limitations of time and space, while our thoughts do not. Since it takes time for our thoughts to appear in the dimension of form, we begin to fear and doubt that we will reach our goal. Next, we become frustrated or angry because it is taking too long or too much time for our desires or goals to be realized.

The negative emotions of fear and anger you experience before your desired goals take physical form create conflicting electromagnetic fields. In many cases, these negate the positive goals you desire and you end up manifesting your fears and frustrations.

How does the law of cause and effect come into play when there are several strong individuals who have the same desire to win? It comes down to the individual who is the most positive, the least negative and has the strongest desire to be the best. The slightest negative thought can be the cause for ending up number two or even lower.

Since golf is such a precision sport, it is mechanically impossible to repeatedly strike the ball perfectly everytime. Failure to hit a perfect shot when needed, can shake a golfer's confidence. It can create doubt and frustration causing a whole series of negative thoughts that doom his or her efforts to win.

However, when a golfer has supreme confidence in his ability to recover from any situation he faces, he expects success. Free from negative thoughts, he allows his positive thoughts and expectations to prevail and becomes the winner.

When a golfer is on a roll, he exudes confidence and can do no wrong. This is when cause and effect is working for him. When a golfer misses a shot or two, he usually starts to doubt himself and his confidence weakens. This is when his negativity and the law of cause and effect start working against him. His game quickly falls apart.

Confidence breeds success! A true champion has supreme confidence, expects to win and does! He allows his competition to beat themselves with their own negative thoughts. If you ask any golfer who has been on a roll and won, they will tell you that they all had supreme confidence and expected to win during their moments of glory.

If you don't believe in cause and effect, just ask Jim Furyk or Tiger Woods.

P.S.: Winning at golf is more than just getting more distance. It is about SCORING. And here is a book that I can recommend to help you learn more about course management.

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