Don't Be Intimidated

How do you feel when you are playing against an over powering player who is better than you are? If you feel intimidated, you have already conceded the game to your opponent before you hit your first ball.

Here is a game plan that will give you a fighting chance to beat a golfer who has a better mechanical game than you have at present. Be happy because if you get intimidated your mental game can be corrected very quickly if you put your mind to it.

In reality you have an electrochemical nervous system. As the chemicals change, the messages change and your performance varies accordingly. When you are positive and operating on instinct, your brain, metaphorically, runs on super high-octane chemicals. Your performance excels.

It is important to realize that your electrochemical nervous system is an alternating electrical current that generates an electromagnetic field. The strength and quality of your electromagnetic field is felt by those around you. That is why athletes, who exude confidence, intimidate and weaken their opponents before the competition begins.

It is OK if someone who is better than you beats you. But, make up your mind that you aren't going to beat yourself by letting someone's stronger electromagnetic field intimidate you. Here is something to remember the next time you play against an over powering and confident golfer. Tell yourself that he is going to have to beat you. Then tell yourself to forget about him and play your game one shot at a time.

Use the four-step routine to help you stay focused in the present and neutralize his presence. Anytime your unconscious wants you to think about your opponent, just say 'cock a doodle do' and push him out of your mind. You decide who and what thoughts you want to enter your mind. Don't let your opponent decide for you. If he is good enough to beat you, so be it. Just don't give him the game by allowing his strong presence to cause you to get out of your game and beat yourself.

A confident person expects to win and puts pressure on his competition. However, if his competition plays him close or even, doubt may creep into his game. All you have to do to increase your chances of winning is put doubt in your opponent's mind by playing him close or even. As soon as he doubts himself, his game will weaken and he will more than likely blow a couple of shots and give you the game.

So get mentally strong and look forward to playing over powering golfers. Don't concern yourself with beating them. Just play your game and stay close. Once your opponent starts looking over his shoulder and you are still there, you got him because 9 times out of 10 you will force him out of his game and he will end up beating himself. The trick is that you have to play your game and forget all about your opponent.

Rent the video "Rocky" and pay attention to the scene the night before the fight when Rocky tells Adrian that he realizes that he can't beat Apollo Creed. Then Adrian asks him, "what are you going to do?" I'll never forget Rocky's words when he replied, "All I want to do is go the distance because nobody has ever gone the distance against Apollo Creed. If I go the distance, then everybody will know that I'm not a bum." The rest is history and brought tears of inspiration to millions who saw "Rocky".

Train your mind never to be intimidated and play scared. Have fun and enjoy the process of improving your mechanical and mental games. Never forget that if it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger. So look forward to playing against stronger opponents and enjoy turning the table against them.

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