First-Tee Mindset

Many golfers experience anxiety and get the jitters when they step to the first tee. How about you?

If you do, here is a mindset for you to take to the first tee. First, realize that the most important golf shot is the next one and not the first-tee shot. Since you play golf one shot at a time, every shot is an important one because they all count when you add up the total score.

You will be a lot more relaxed if you don't create a life or death situation for yourself on the first tee. Since it is only one of many shots in a round of golf, give the first-tee shot its just respect and no more.

While you are waiting your turn to tee off, pick out a spot in the fairway or target where you want your ball to go. Determine your success probability of making a good shot and give yourself permission to fail if everything doesn't go as expected. Believe that you can make the shot and visualize the ball hitting your target or the spot you selected.

When your name is called, feel confident in your ability to deliver and use this opportunity to show those watching that you are a force to be reckoned with and not someone who is afraid of making a bad shot. While taking your practice swing, inhale on your back swing and exhale on your down swing. Now, step up to the ball, go through your pre-shot routine and go for it.

The more you work on developing this mindset, the more successful you will become.

P.S.: If you do not have the time to get to a golf course for practice, or you want to improve your game without the hassle of visiting and paying for a pro, then here is an online golf video service for all aspects of your game.

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