How Good Do You Want To Be?

If you ask Tiger Woods that question, he would just smile at you. If you asked him that question while he was in his youth, he probably would have told you "I want to be the best golfer to ever play the game."

So how did Tiger get to where he is and how do you get to where you want to be? Tiger got there by have an overwhelming desire to be the best he could be, exceptional God given talent and the mental discipline to do whatever it takes to accomplish his goals. Plus, he believes in himself and he is doing the right things.

Let's forget about Tiger and talk about you. Whether you are trying to break a 100, a professional on tour or somewhere in between, the same principles apply to you. The first question is how good do you want to be? The next question is - how strong is your desire to achieve your goal?

Then, you have to ask yourself, how much natural talent do you have? How much time/financial resources do you have or are willing to commit to achieving your goals or dreams? How much mental discipline do you have? The final question is do believe in yourself?

Now that you know your limitations where do we go from here?

All you have to do is have specific goals, a strong desire to achieve them, follow the mental training program, persevere, stay positive, learn from your mistakes and believe you will get there regardless of the obstacles you face.

If you have a process that works and work it, it's just a matter of time until you reach your goal. You can speed up the process, but you cannot eliminate the time it takes for your desires to become a reality. Just make sure that you don't become discouraged and quite before you get there.

Many of these tips focus on helping you to overcome your negative emotions that are holding you back. Hopefully, this tip will inspire you to take a second look at what you are trying to accomplish and help you realize that your dreams will come true if you work hard and smart and never give up.

Success begins with your state of mind. You have to believe in yourself before you can ever win a prize or reach your goals. So ask yourself, "How good do I really want to be?" Then, ask yourself, "Am I willing to pay the price to reach my goals?"

If you are willing to pay the price to reach your dreams, relax and enjoy the journey of perfecting the process until you reach your destination.

P.S.: Winning at golf is more than just getting more distance. It is about SCORING. And here is a book that I can recommend to help you learn more about course management.

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