Improve While You Sleep

When you go to sleep, your brain is very busy processing all the thoughts and actions that went into your habits during the day. It is preparing how to respond in the future. This fact makes sleeping one of the best times to improve your golf and mental game.

Unfortunately, most golfers don't take advantage of this opportunity to get better and lower their score. Typically what happens after a round of golf, golfers get together and share their war stories about how they got robbed by old man golf and how they should have shot a lower score. Then on the way home they talk to themselves about their bad shots or the score that they could or should have shot.

Rarely, do golfers take an honest look at how they played and use the feedback to find ways to improve. Unfortunately, they have trained their unconscious to dwell on the negatives instead of making lemonade out of the lemons. As a result when they go to sleep that night, their brains are busy processing this information so that their unconscious will have them repeat the same scenario the next time they play.

Fortunately, you can reprogram your unconscious to change for the better since the last input into your habits has the biggest impact on your brain's responses. So instead of dwelling on the negatives that happened during your round of golf, start looking at the feedback objectively for a way to improve.

If you don't do this, your unconscious is going to remember all the bad shots that you made and it's going to program itself to repeat all those bad shots the next time that you play. However, if you take the time to critique yourself and tell your unconscious how to improve all those bad shots in your mind, while you are sleeping your brain will start telling your unconscious to get better the next time you play.

If you do this every time you play, you will be amazed at how much you can improve while you sleep.

P.S.: Did you know that there are different types of eye sight and eye coordination capabilities? When playing a round of golf over 5 or more kilometres, and having to aim every shot or stroke, seeing properly is a key element for better golf. Here is a book I have personally read and can recommend: Improve your eye coordination capabilities

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