List Your Mental Traps

What are mental traps? Mental traps are facts that can lead to frustration and other negative emotions, which play havoc with your performance.

Here are just some of the mental traps, many golfers fall into. When you expect a certain level of play and watch the score (outcome) to see how you are doing, you open yourself to trouble. If you make a couple of bad shots in a row or are still at par after hitting the greens nine times in a row in regulation, you may start to doubt yourself or get upset. Your putt lips out and you are disappointed. You can't believe you just made a very terrible shot. The group in front of you is playing very slow.

If you take the time to write down all the facts that get you frustrated or upset while playing a round of golf, you will have a list of your mental traps.

The next time you are playing and you start becoming negative, take your mental trap list out of your pocket and read it. If you are honest with yourself, you will realize that you are falling for the same mental trap that you have written down.

If you are not familiar with these mental tips, realize that your emotions affect your brain's chemistry and performance. By objectively reading your list, it will help you from falling into your mental trap by allowing you to remove your negative emotions to the present fact that is frustrating or upsetting you.

By being very aware of your mental traps ahead of time, you give yourself the opportunity to step around them instead of falling into the trap and hurting your game.

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