Missing Is Good

How many golfers do you know appreciate the value and importance of missing a shot or putt? Do you know when missing is good?

One golfer once stated - "The one aspect that throws me off the most is missing 'makeable' putts. It immediately translates into poor tee-shots on the next hole. To be more precise, it is misreading the break or poor thinking in regard to speed & line that upsets me. What can I do?"

As for "misreading the break or poor thinking in regard to speed & line" when you really get mechanically and mentally good, YOU will not be reading or thinking because you will do it all by feel. Train your mind to trust your GUT FEELING feelings and allow them to make your decisions for you. Then, you will no longer have a reason to be "upset" because when your gut feeling is off, it won't be off by much. The next step is to patiently allow your Gut feeling time to make the necessary adjustments to get closer until your putts fall in.

Missing gives your Gut feeling the feedback it needs to make the appropriate adjustments. So missing is good because it helps your Gut feeling learn how to make future putts. Getting upset destroys your Gut feeling's ability to learn from the feedback.

Would you prefer to drink a glass of water or gasoline? Is it better to be patient and learn from your misses or continue to get upset / emotional and keep missing?

This is what makes Tiger so good. He goes deep inside and reads his Gut feeling. He knows from experience that when his Gut feeling is on, he makes a lot of birdies. He also knows that he would screw things up by putting his 2 cents into the equation or getting upset, which would diminish his ability to feel his way around the greens.

So don't take it personal when you miss a putt. Be honest about your capabilities and just do your best under your present circumstances until you become good enough for your putts to fall in on there own. Above all, don't assume that you are good enough to make your putts until you really are good enough.

For those of you who want to expand your horizons read "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz. If you can't find it at your local bookstore, you can get it through amazon.com. These four agreements will give you another way to read the green, and help you break away from the layers of past incorrect programming your habits.

This same mindset will allow you to quickly adjust your putting to fast or slow greens. If you find the speed of the greens different from what you expected or are use to, don't try to force your putts to go in or get upset. Just be patient and allow your Gut feeling to use the feedback to make the necessary adjustments until your putts start falling in.

P.S.: Did you know that there are different types of eye sight and eye coordination capabilities? When playing a round of golf over 5 or more kilometres, and having to aim every shot or stroke, seeing properly is a key element for better golf. Here is a book I have personally read and can recommend: Improve your eye coordination capabilities

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