Outcome Versus Process

Many individuals do not realize that there are two types of goals. There are outcome goals that give you direction, such as lowering your handicap to a specific level or making a particular shot. What are even more important are process goals, which include the dedication and hard work, required to be competitive in golf.

A dictionary defines process as "a series of actions or operations conducing to an end." If you perform the process better than your competitor, who will win? It's obvious, you will.

If you work to perfect your performance to its highest level, you dramatically increase your chances of winning by focusing on the process and letting the outcome take care of itself.

When you focus on winning (outcome), you open yourself to the fear of losing. If you hit a bad shot or make a mistake, it is easier to become angry. Fear and anger are emotions that cause your brain to secrete negative chemicals that adversely affect your performance and decrease your chances of winning. You will be more relaxed and efficient by focusing on the process of perfecting your ability and learning from the feedback your mistakes provide, rather than thinking about winning or losing.

While you may not be able to control the outcome, you can control your thoughts and actions required to improve the process. Success in mastering a process builds confidence and improves your brain's chemistry, making it easier to achieve your desired outcome. Learn to love the process of improving and maintain a positive attitude, characteristic of a winner.

P.S.: Winning at golf is more than just getting more distance. It is about SCORING. And here is a book that I can recommend to help you learn more about course management.

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