Positive Brain Washing

What is positive brain washing and why does it work? Since your mind is programmed to repeat similar responses to what is your habit, you are going to respond to certain facts with negative emotions unless you have been 100% positive during your entire life. Therefore, it is important to continually bombard your self-talk with positive goals and affirmations (brain washing) in order to minimize your past negatives from resurfacing as well as replacing them with new positive ways to respond.

The goal of positive brain washing is to program your unconscious to respond positively to facts, instead of repeating previous negative emotions. I have been doing my best to brain wash you to realize that process thinking is far superior to outcome thinking. If you want to improve your performance and shoot lower scores, you have to spend time programming your unconscious to become as positive as you can at all times regardless of the facts that Old Man Golf or life throws your way.

Not to become redundant, but positive emotions enhance your brain's chemistry and allow your performance and creativity to flourish. Some of you are extremely positive already, but there is always room for improvement. If you have a desire to improve, positive brain washing is a great way to get even better than you presently are.

Here are several ways to brain wash yourself. Write down your goals on index cards and read them out loud to yourself at least twice a day. When you wake up and before going to sleep, are ideal times to program your habits. Talk to your unconscious mind and tell it to replace any negative thoughts and actions that went on it recently with positive ones. Affirmations, positive self-talk and visualization are great techniques to use.

Do your best to model the positive behavior and work ethic of successful individuals. Since no one is perfect, don't model his or her negative behavior. Read, watch movies and sport performances, listen to audiotapes and cd's, do what ever is possible to continually inspire yourself to become the most positive and best person you can be. Above all, refuse to allow any fact to be your excuse for becoming negative.

Positive brain washing works, if you work at it. If you don't, your unconscious will be doing its best (especially, when you least expect it) to keep you where you are. It's your choice. So make it a wise one.

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