Reduce the Variables of Golf

Golf can be a very complex game because a golfer's swing mechanics are not a simple thing to learn and execute instinctively. However, the more you can reduce the variables of golf, the simpler the game becomes and the easier it is to lower your score.

Unfortunately, many golfers trying to lower their score spend most of their time and energy on buying expensive equipment or practicing without taking lessons. Besides not taking lessons the average golfer neglects to work on improving the simpler variables that they have more control over.

Fortunately, there are three other variables that influence a golfer's performance and score. They are course management or strategy, physical condition and the mental game. These variables are much simpler to control than the mechanics of the golf swing.

Course management or strategy is simply playing the golf course within your mechanical and physical limitations. Whatever level of mechanical skill you have attained, learn what your probability of success is for each club in your bag and base your shot selection according to your skill level. Don't try to be a hero unless you have a legitimate chance of making the shot. Be realistic and play within your limitations.

Being in good physical condition is very simple to control, but requires strong discipline to follow a structured stretching and exercise program. A strong flexible body makes it a lot easier to repeat a complex golf swing, especially towards the end of a round of golf when many out of condition golfers are getting physically tired. It's a simple choice. Either get and stay in shape or pay the consequences of higher scores.

The mental game is the simplest variable to control if you know how. It requires the total realization that your mental state affects the chemistry of your brain, which in turn affects your ability to perform. Then, it's just a matter of reprogramming your mind to optimize your chemistry to play in the zone.

Golf is a funny game in that it has its share of ups and downs, which vary from hole to hole and day to day. The most important variable that you can control is your attitude and state of mind. If you control your attitude and always keep your cup half full, it's a lot easier to put up with the emotional roller coaster of golf. A positive attitude allows you to remain confident when the golf gods turn against you and gives your subconscious a chance to figure out what is happening mechanically.

If you reduce the variables, you will have more fun playing golf and lower scores.

P.S.: If you do not have the time to get to a golf course for practice, or you want to improve your game without the hassle of visiting and paying for a pro, then here is an online golf video service for all aspects of your game.

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