See the Ball

If you focus totally on your target and see your ball when you hit it, you will lower your score.

Swing thoughts are for the practice range. When you are playing, it is time to clear your mind, forget about the outcome and play on instinct. An excellent way to stop your mind from thinking about the outcome or swing mechanics is to focus totally on seeing your ball being hit.

The best way to start training your mind to see the ball being hit is when you are putting because it is a much slower process then hitting the ball with your driver or irons. The next time you practice putting (whether it's on the putting green or at home on your carpet) do the following exercise.

After you have taken in all the inputs and are standing over the ball ready to putt, focus totally on seeing your ball being hit. Then, putt the ball while staying totally focused on seeing your ball being hit. If you have done this exercise properly, your will see the image of your ball for a brief flicker of a second after you have hit it and it's on its way to the hole.

With practice it becomes easy to see the white image of the ball after you hit it on the putting green because the image of the white ball against the green background briefly remains in your mind's eye. With even more practice and concentration on seeing the ball being hit, you will still be able to see the lingering image of the ball even on a white carpet.

The more you practice this exercise, the easier it will become to see the remaining image of your ball after you hit it and it is no longer there. This is a fact. So just do this exercise and prove it to yourself if you have never witnessed this natural experience.

Once you can do this exercise successfully with your putting do it when chipping and pitching. Then, do it with your irons and driver. I have a friend who can even see the spin of the ball when he hits it with his short irons.

Of course, he has many years of experience of seeing the ball being hit under his belt. In time so will you if you make it a priority to see the ball when you hit it. If you do, you will make more shots because you won't be thinking about the outcome or your swing mechanics.

P.S.: Winning at golf is more than just getting more distance. It is about SCORING. And here is a book that I can recommend to help you learn more about course management.

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