Staying Alive

What separates the truly great athlete from a very good athlete is how they play when they don't have their best stuff. How does your attitude hold up when you don't have your "BEST" game going for you?

It would be great to be able to shoot good scores all the time, but golf is not that kind of a game. Some days everything goes your way and scoring is easy. Other days everything seems to go against you. It is on these days that you really have to have a strong mental game to keep your sanity and bring in a reasonable score.

On those "B" days the main thing is to never get discouraged or emotionally upset. Use the bad days and bad breaks to increase your focus and determination so you can keep your mental game together. Every round of golf regardless of the score is a learning opportunity if you take advantage of it.

So make it a point to learn patience instead of getting caught up in your emotions. You can train your mind to master the emotional roller coaster of golf by focusing on the process and hanging in there until the breaks go your way. Otherwise, you will find that a so-called "bad score" can quickly turn into a horrible score.

Tiger Woods knows that golf is a fickle game. He also knows that he can have a bad day or several bad shots and still win a tournament as long as he doesn't allow his emotions to take him out of his game.

If you can accept the good and bad days as a part of golf, it will reflect in your attitude and you will shoot lower scores. So have fun and enjoy the journey to lower scores.

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