Timeline of Golf - From 1353 to 1993

The first recorded reference to chole, the probable antecedent of golf. It is a derivative of hockey played in Flanders (Belgium).

A Scottish regiment aiding the French against the English at the Siege of Bauge is introduced to the game of chole. Hugh Kennedy, Robert Stewart and John Smale, three of the identified players, are credited with introducing the game in Scotland.

Golf, along with football, is banned by the Scots Parliament of James II because it has interfered with military training for the wars against the English.

King James II
King James II

The ban on golf is reaffirmed by the Parliament of James III.

The golf ban is affirmed again by Parliament, this time under King James IV.

With the signing of the Treaty of Glasgow between England and Scotland, the ban on golf is lifted.

James IV makes the first recorded purchase of golf equipment, a set of clubs from a bow-maker in Perth, Scotland.

King James IV
King James IV

Queen Catherine of England, in a letter to Cardinal Wolsey, refers to the growing popularity of golf in England.


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