Training, Training, Training

After a friendly game with a stranger, he bought me a drink and told me that I had intimidated him. Then he said, "I don't get intimidated."

I asked him why he got intimidated. He replied that my level of confidence never changed whether I made or missed a shot and I always played as if I would make the shot. Then I asked him what he did. He told me that he coached wrestling and was the lead man for a police SWAT team.

Being curious, I asked him what exactly did he, as the lead man do. He told me that he was the first person through the door and his job was to take out whoever was on the right side of the hallway or room before he was shot or killed.

I asked him how he mentally prepares himself to do his job. He told me that it's the same for wrestling or being the first one through the door. Training, training, training was his answer.

He trains himself to focus totally on executing the process without any fear or concern about the outcome. I asked him if he had any fear. He said his only fear was that the second man through the door behind him wouldn't take out whoever was on the left side of the hallway or room.

Then he told me that he relies on his partner's training to keep him out of harms way. Can you rely on your mental training to keep you out of harms way on the golf course or do you still get emotionally involved and think about the outcome?

Scientific research has revealed that human beings learn and remember what they have learned through repetition. Isn't it amazing then, that so many golfers expect to read a piece of information one time and retain it forever?

You may think these tips are somewhat repetitious, but that's OK. It is designed to be repetitious to help you to keep polishing your golf game until you have the best mental game around. Once you have a great mental game, it's important to keep training, training, and training to keep it that way.

P.S.: Did you know that there are different types of eye sight and eye coordination capabilities? When playing a round of golf over 5 or more kilometres, and having to aim every shot or stroke, seeing properly is a key element for better golf. Here is a book I have personally read and can recommend: Improve your eye coordination capabilities

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