Trust Your Gut Feeling!

When you are reading the green, holding a club in each hand to determine which one to use, or the many other decisions you make during a round of golf, your gut feeling feelings help you decide. Trust your gut feeling! Your first choice is usually the best choice. If you doubt your gut feelings, you are concerned about the outcome and not the process.

Who is smarter? Is it your conscious mind that is full of negative emotions or your relaxed instinctive mind? Fear or doubt affects your brain's chemistry causing your judgement and performance to suffer. When your gut feeling is not correct, you will find that it is not off by much.

Your brain is a very sophisticated computer. It loves to solve your challenges if you allow it to help you. Help your brain help you. Optimize its chemistry by eliminating your negative emotions and provide it with objective feedback. The human mind put a man on the moon and brought him back. If it can do that, it certainly can help you read the green, determine how the ball will break and give you the proper direction and force to apply to sink a putt.

Your brain talks to you through your gut feelings. Golf becomes an art form once you master the mechanics and your emotions. Instead of expressing your feelings with paint on a piece of canvas, you express your gut feelings with a club and a ball on the golf course. Great golfers are known to have a real feel for the game because they have learned to trust their gut feelings.

P.S.: If you do not have the time to get to a golf course for practice, or you want to improve your game without the hassle of visiting and paying for a pro, then here is an online golf video service for all aspects of your game.

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