Trust Your Triangle

If you focus totally on your target and see your ball when you hit it, you will lower your score. This begs the question of how can you effectively do both at the same time. The solution is easy if you trust your triangle.

The three points of your triangle are 1) the target, 2) the ball and 3) you. After taking into account all of the inputs necessary for your next shot and your probability of making a successful shot if all goes well, stand directly behind your ball and the target. At this point, focus totally on your target and tell yourself or your subconscious that "I've made this shot before and I can do it again." Even if you only made this shot once in your life, say this over and over until your gut feels good and directs you to start aligning yourself and your club face to the ball.

At this point you will start to form your triangle. Realize that point 1, the Target, and point 2, the Ball, are fixed and will not move until you hit the ball.

1 (Target) * < ------------------------------------------------ > * 2 (Ball)

                                                                                           * 3 (You)

You, which are point 3, will align yourself with the ball (below point 2 if you are right handed) and complete the triangle. During the alignment process, you will look at the target and then look at the ball over and over again while adjusting your alignment back and forth until your gut tells you that your alignment feels correct. Take a pen or pencil and mark point 3 to represent yourself.

Connect the three dots to form your triangle. Once you have the correct alignment, the only points of the triangle that matter are you and the ball. The target has done its job and helped you to align with the ball. Since the target is fixed and will not move, it is no longer a factor to be taken into consideration once you are properly aligned with the ball to hit your target.

The only thing that matters now is to hit the ball with the proper alignment (club head path) through the ball. Swing thoughts are for the practice range. When you are playing, it is time to clear your mind and play on instinct. An excellent way to stop your mind from thinking and keep your head and body from swaying or sliding is to focus totally on seeing your ball being hit.

If you trust your triangle, you will be able to focus totally on your target until you are correctly aligned and then focus totally on seeing your ball being hit. Since the proof is in the pudding, learn to trust your triangle and watch your scores fall.

P.S.: If you do not have the time to get to a golf course for practice, or you want to improve your game without the hassle of visiting and paying for a pro, then here is an online golf video service for all aspects of your game.

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