You Have to Believe

Question: What about those days when it just doesn't work. I find that I can be process oriented and accept bad shots most of the time, but when it goes really bad, I need to find a way to back on track sooner. I know the answer lies in trusting the process, but the hard cold reality that something wrong is going on with your swing makes it very difficult. It's impossible to hit solid shots when your head is in front of the ball at impact, and subconsciously, when I know I haven't found the problem or the cure, trusting the process doesn't work for me. I still hit bad shots and it is very hard not to analyse and "fix it".

The Key is to continue in trusting the process. The process in this case is to trust your Gut feeling (subconscious) to come up with the answer for you. Since you are searching for a mechanical solution while you are playing, time is of the essence.

What you have to do is acknowledge that you need an answer to solve your problem. Second, you must free your mind of all negative emotions and keep firing away to the best of your ability. After each shot, if your mind is free of concern about the outcome from a scoring point of view, you will be able to allow your mind to objectively look at the feedback from your last shot.

It will use the feedback to come up with an adjustment for you to make. Then, fire away again. Use the feedback to see if "that" was the correct adjustment or what further fine tuning you need to make. Give your subconscious mind the freedom to fail (experiment). It will come up with the correct adjustment much sooner if you are not afraid to experiment or get frustrated.

Some times you will run out of time before you solve the riddle and have to work it out in practice. Other times you will solve the riddle after only one or two shots. It just depends upon how severe the mechanical adjustment is that needs to be made. Your Gut feeling will solve most of your problems very quickly if you allow it the freedom to find a solution without getting emotionally involved in the outcome.

So it is just another process that you have to trust. You have to BELIEVE that your mind has the ability to figure things out if you let it do its thing free of all negative emotions. While you are waiting for the riddle to be solved, by remaining positive the rest of your game will remain intact. Otherwise, if you become negative, it will affect your game and everything will fall apart.

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